Electronics for Non-Electronic Engineers/Digital Electronics (OnDemand)

  • Complete courses video recorded during live presentations.
  • With this option, individuals who cannot attend a live course can view the course materials and view pre-recorded lectures, complete with student/instructor discussions.
  • Students can set their own schedule for learning. Ideal for international students!
  • On-line access is provided for one user for 30 days. Additional time can be arranged if needed, for an additional fee.
  • For groups of 2 or more students, there is a 10% discount off of the regular single-user price.
  • Price includes 180-day access to the on-line textbook. Printed textbooks are available separately.
  • For larger groups, please contact TTi for a quotation.
  • See OnDemand Training for more details.

Course Electronics for Non-Electronic Engineers (with Digital Electronics), Course #104/105