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240Accelerated Testing: ESS, HALT, HASS100.00Add
134Calibration Lab Operations100.00Add
230Climatic Test Techniques100.00Add
230/240Climatic Testing/ESS, HALT & HASS200.00Add
471Cooling Methods for Electronics Design150.00Add
311Corrosion Control Techniques150.00Add
196Digital Data Acquisition150.00Add
197-3Digital Signal Processing and Data Analysis150.00Add
199DSP: Digital Signal Processing150.00Add
166/164Electrical Instrumentation/Applied Measurements200.00Add
104-3Electronics for Non-Electronic Engineers150.00Add
104-105Electronics for Non-Electronic Engineers (incl. Digital)200.00Add
435Engineering Statistics75.00Add
450Environmental Test Specifications100.00Add
450/451Environmental Test Specifications/Understanding MIL-STD-810G250.00Add
425Environmental Testing Procedures150.00Add
172Fiber Optic Systems150.00Add
138Fiber Optics and Optical Calibration150.00Add
157/310Fixture Design for Vibration and Shock Testing250.00Add
117Fundamentals of Vibration for Design Applications150.00Add
116/117Fundamentals of Vibration for Test and Design Applications200.00Add
116Fundamentals of Vibration for Test Applications150.00Add
173GPS: Global Positioning Systems100.00Add
161/162Grounding, Shielding and Test Procedures for EMI/EMC/ESD200.00Add
164Instrumentation for Electrical Test & Measurement150.00Add
163Instrumentation for Test and Measurement150.00Add
419Introduction to Ethics75.00Add
132Measurement Uncertainty150.00Add
132/435Measurement Uncertainty with Engineering Statistics200.00Add
108Mechanical and Structural Theory100.00Add
310Mechanical Design for Product Reliability150.00Add
142-4Mechanical Shock and Modal Test Techniques200.00Add
142Mechanical Shock Techniques100.00Add
130Metrology Concepts100.00Add
195Modal Analysis For Structural Validation100.00Add
P100Preparatory Segment100.00Add
421Principles of Project/Systems Engineering150.00Add
472Printed Circuit Board Design, Manufacturing and Testing150.00Add
311Product Quality Techniques150.00Add
171Telemetry Systems150.00Add
825Theory and Practical Application of Valve Technology150.00Add
105Understanding Digital Electronics150.00Add
139Understanding ISO 17025150.00Add
451Understanding MIL-STD-810G150.00Add
194/196Vibration and Shock Test Control Techniques200.00Add

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