What to Expect When Attending a TTi Webinar

Almost every TTi live “open” course on our Nevada training center schedule is available via webinar. Remote students can join a live course during its scheduled hours. The normal class schedule is 8:00 am to 12:00 noon, a one-hour lunch break, and 1:00-4:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, with a 10-minute break every hour.

That means you can attend TTi training from the comfort of your own home or office, without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to the course location. Of course, many people love to travel, but budgets for travel have never been tighter. Why sacrifice essential training if you can obtain the same benefits remotely?

Every TTi webinar includes a printed textbook (to be shipped via mail or courier to you prior to the start of training). Each student also receives a subscription to access TTi's publications website, where the entire course slideshow is available for viewing in full color.

Please contact TTi today for a sample. If a class is currently is session, we can arrange a temporary log-in so that you can join a live class. Otherwise, we'll provide a link to a recording of a typical class.

Top questions people ask when considering if a TTi Live Webinar is right for them:

Q What is a Webinar?
A "Webinar" is a hybrid of the words "web-based" and "seminar." A webinar can be a lecture, a presentation of some kind, a workshop or an interactive meeting that is held on the Internet.
Q How do TTi Webinars Work?
A In TTi webinars the instructor demonstrates points on the web page, while the participants listen and watch. Sometimes you will see an inset image of the instructor. Sometimes you'll see the audience, especially during discussions. TTi, like many webinar providers, uses GoToWebinar software from Citrix®. If you have previously attended meetings or webinars using GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar, you already have experience with this well-designed interface.
Q How do I enroll?
A Advance registration with email addresses is required from the participants. Visit our on-line store to enroll. After you register you will receive an email containing a link which connects directly to the webinar when you enter an access code. Try to connect at least 30 minutes before the official start time. You will need to install a browser plug-in from Citrix to participate in the online meeting, so we recommend that you make a test connection a day or more before the course starts.
Q Will I be able to ask questions?
A The answer is a resounding "yes!" Many remote students are as vocal and engaged as the students who are present in the classroom.
The interface allows you to "raise your hand" at any time by clicking a button that will notify the instructor; alternatively, you can type your questions into a chat box. Some presenters also designate specific times for question and answer sessions. You can speak directly to the class with your own USB microphone and headset.
Q What are the System Requirements?
A Each participant must have a reliable high-speed Internet connection on a computer with Microsoft Windows XP® or newer, or Mac OS® X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer. GoToWebinar provides a free VoIP option for audio.
For optimum audio quality, we recommend a USB headset connected to your computer, or USB headphones and standalone microphone connected to your computer. Analog versions are okay, but not ideal. We don't recommend using a webcam microphone.
As an alternative, audio can be provided via telephone, for which long distance charges may apply.
Q What if I get distracted by other people/inputs when I'm attending the webinar?
A You may be unable to escape interruptions and distractions when participating from your workplace, especially if your desk is in a cubicle or open area. For this reason, TTi advises participants to attend using their home computers if possible. Silence your cell phone, set up an autoreply for your e-mail, and settle down to give your undivided attention to your training. You may also be able to book a meeting room at your workplace (see group training, below).
Q I'm in a different time zone, and the time difference is large enough to make the webinar inaccessible to me.
A TTi recognizes that students may not be at their best late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Rather than attend class during that time, you have the option of watching an unedited recording from the past day's session. If the time zone difference permits it, you will be able to log in to the live session for a short while at the beginning or end of the day to ask any questions you may have after viewing the recording.
Another option, available for an increasing number of TTi courses, is an OnDemand course. This format gives you 30 days access to a pre-recorded TTi course, which you can view at your own pace and on your own schedule.
Q Can TTi train a group at my facility via Webinar?
A YES! We welcome group attendance. The value you derive from the course will be enhanced by attending together with colleagues. Please contact us today to discuss your organization's unique training needs.
Possibilities range from a group attending a live open webinar (as above) to a dedicated course exclusively for your organization, where sensitive/proprietary topics may be discussed. See below for some possible training formats.
Q What are the cost savings for groups attending live open training?
A In keeping with our group pricing policy for in-person attendance at TTi open courses, each webinar attendee must pay a separate tuition fee. However, for any group of two or more, there is a discount. Contact TTi for pricing.
Q Two to five days is too large a time block for me to devote to training. I'm too busy, and/or I can't sit still that long. Can TTi provide remote training in shorter sessions, over a longer period?
A Various training formats are under consideration right now and may be available very soon for training groups at your organization. Please contact TTi for details. Some possible options:
Option A: Assuming a twenty (20) hour course: 2:00 hours per day.
Possible presentation times: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST (2:00 - 4:00 pm EST) for ten (10) separate occasions.
Option B: Assuming a 20 hour course: TTi launches a full day online meeting every other Friday. This accommodates students who work a nine × eight hour day or a four × ten hour day schedule and have Fridays off. Students would need to commit to one or more Fridays in a given month.
As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The benefits: as always, no travel costs, with the additional benefit that smaller training increments may be more conducive to learning.
TTi is also considering open courses based on one of the options above, as well as self-paced courses based on recorded courses, with or without periodic live on-line meetings with a TTi instructor, depending on demand.
Q Are there any disadvantages of attending TTi training via webinar vs. attending a live in-person course?
A See "What if I get distracted...?" above. You may find it harder to stay engaged when you cannot interact informally with your fellow participants. Unlike in-person participants at live TTi courses, you'll spend break time and lunch time away from the other participants, missing out on many opportunities to network and share "war stories." TTi does its utmost to overcome these limitations, providing ample means and opportunity for interaction. All participants will receive a class roster for future networking.